Defold video channel


I was more into “letsplaying” user created Defold extensions (your storytelling extension should have been a pilot, btw), but making a video guide on extensions creation may also be an option. Will try to charm in @Mathias_Westerdahl at some point.

I know @AGulev is working on a 45 minutes talk exactly on this topic for DevGAMM in Minsk. But we’ll have to convince him redo it in English at some point.


Part 1 of Live Update series is up:

Next in line: final video about addressing, part 2 of Live Update, part 1 of GUI series.
You all are welcome to advice on the priorities (and the format, and everything else :wink: ).


The last part of addressing is there. Next video with @sicher will be about GUI and some basic elements, like a button or a HUD. Feel free to throw in more topics!

Also we’ve recorded the last part about Live Update. That is, the last part until we see people have questions about it.

What’s next for the videos? Profiler? Native extensions? Or that idea of creators of popular extensions walking you through their code?


Profiler and native extensions are all really welcome.

With GUI you could go over the differences for example in the way it maintains aspect ratio, positioning, etc. But also how to for example build a simple list widget, more than a button :wink:


Yeah, I’ve been kind of dodging the @Oleg_The_Evangelist invites so far until the state of the native extensions is even more robust, but I can promise you we’ll add more documentation and some video content for you.

The bigger question though, what actual things do you want explained in more detail? What parts trip you up the most? It really helps us get the things sorted in a prio-first order :slight_smile:


coming after you and @vilse soon!

For native extensions I guess a good start would be to just explain once again how it works in practice and what are the nearest plans.

For the profiler video, folks say they just don’t understand the data it provides. So fir the first video, we can just walk through labels and perhaps, outline a few good practices for using all the profiler. Or the profilers :wink:


I did a little experiment here - straight camera angle and a bit increased “production value” with a 15 sec intro music and an outro. Is it better like this, or shall we revert?

Live Update 2 kind of finishes the Live Update topic for now. Hope you enjoyed it.


It’s been silent for a while since I’ve been both hands on two things.

  1. King internal. Cannot really talk about
  2. This:

Basically it is a take on casual tutorials genre. In this 27-minute video (I spoiled the last 8 minutes, hence 27 not 35) I am just building a small platformer from the scratch while poking many essential and advanced Defold features.

As always, your opinion is of much value.