Defold in the wilds!


Hey! It is always fun to watch the community growing and sharing their Defold experience. Let’s have a dedicated thread for everything Defold in the wilds!


Here’s a young #Unity3d fan uses Defold for a Ludum Dare project:


And here’s a game developer doing his first steps with Defold:

Unity also seems be a role model for him. Can’t wait to hear Defold impressions from people with non-Unity background.


An older one, but I like this video. The author is experienced and open to something new, has somewhat more open mindset that “but but in Unity it is made differently” -


Here’s a very nice dev diary by @RG1 on our forum. Sounds like a start for a very fun to read thread. Definitely for the watch list!


Somewhat off the topic, but here we go:

A long read of a developer knowing the requirements and looking for an engine. Defold is on the shortlist obviously.


Andreas, Studio Lead at King, explains #gamedev and makes games in real time using Defold, obviously:


Also a new article about Defold featuring King CTO:


Here’s an ex-Unity developer (he did big part of the Unity 2D system among everything else) sharing his experience about Defold:

Quite fun to read how a Unity dev is bruteforceing his way through Defold.


Page 40 of the Develop magazine features a full page about Defold:

We’re talking about why and how much, mostly.


I haven’t posted here for a while. Here’s a fresh piece by Gamesindustry


And a good one with @Johan at GameSauce:


Also an interview with yours truly:
Reiterating on the things you all know =]


The lighter the app distribution, the more often it gets downloaded. So Unity or Unreal are sometimes painful for developers in that context. How much does Defold add to game distribution size?

The runtime stats are very good, but I think he meant the distribution size. So, for example, based on stats provided by AGulev

version 1.2.84
ios 5.6 Mb ( 1.2.83 == 1.2.84, but +0.3Mb compared with 1.2.80);
android 2.9 Mb (1.2.83 < 1.2.84 0.1Mb, but +0.2Mb compared with 1.2.80);
html5 - 5.3Mb ( 1.2.83 == 1.2.84, and +0.4Mb compared with 1.2.80);

These are the stats which matter in terms of distribution, and the lower the size, the lighter the app’s download the better. In part so that the app can be downloaded over the air, but also so that your game downloads and is ready to play relatively quickly as, in many cases, users may download an app, it is large, and then they never even open it because they closed their device and forgot about it and lost the hype.


Nice summary on Defold strategy by Ragnar:


And here’s Ragnar rocking at Nordic Game conference. He’s explaining why Defold makes sense -



Totally forgot about this one!



  1. The internet does care about Defold
  2. The internet does not immediately hate it.

Looks like we’re on the right path?


Defold at the Sweden Game Arena