Defold in the wilds!


Somehow did not post here recently. Well, here we go, the latest one:


OK, I am quite bad at keeping up with this thread. Feel free to help me. Here’s what I missed for instance:


Anyone from Korea on this forum? :slight_smile:


Alright—this is random and super-weird, but too fun not to share. It starts off with “This manual explains how to get games and apps on iOS devices in Defold”, and continues with instructions such as “Creating an iOS lotion packet”, “Pee-pee surely the editor is up and linear”, and “Graze for your nomadic provisioning lodge”.

Happy Friday—and don’t do drugs!



From now on, any question asked on the forum will be directed to that guide.


For particularly tough bugs just “download the app again from the fascia on your twist.” :laughing:


Found a Japanese blog post by someone who made a maze generator in Defold. Auto-translation isn’t 100% (“It is! It is!”), but still a cool read.


Pretty interesting read!
Apparently an exclamation mark in Japanese means “it is!” :joy: