Defold editor slow

I am new here. I like defold. I do not want to give up on it. But when reviewing very slow and sometimes very small projects (defold
application is not responding). Same problem no on godot engine.

What are the specs of your computer? CPU and GPU.

Please share a demo project so I can test it.

I don’t really understand about these things but I guess you want them.
cpu gpu

Can you give an example of a project that is slow? And is everything slow or only certain operations?

it happens in all projects. There is a 1.5-2 second delay. It happens with everything in general. While writing scripts, creating collections, etc.

What platform are you using?

Windows 8

Perhaps AntiVirus software or something scanning and blocking the editor?

I use 360 ​​total security. Is it have any impact?

I don’t know. Try disabling it and see if it makes any difference? Or exclude/whitelist Defold?

It happens on my computer too. I open a new project and after 10-15 seconds it opens. While working inside Defold it becomes unusable with random freezes. My PC is a Lenovo Ideapad 100 whith fairly low-end specs (dual core CPU and 4Gb of RAM).
I think this happens due to the editor being based on JVM, which is known for using lot of resources (both CPU and RAM). I whish there was an editor written native technologies like C or C++, it should be much faster than the actual.

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there seems to be no solution. I will continue to use defold.
I hope a solution is found

Does it happen to be slow also if the visible window is the code editor?
Those GPUs suffer a lot with antialiasing on lines that you would see with an atlas or a collection (the grid background basically). Try also and check if your graphic driver has control over AA and turn it off.

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It happens everywhere, editing code, Editing an Atlas, etc.

Unfortunately my Intel graphics driver doesn’t support custom AA settings. Thanks Anyway.

I’m also having this issue. Particularly editing a tilesource - lagging 1-2 seconds when making any changes.


Thanks. Me and @mats.gisselson will take a look at this next week. We have this issue and slow atlas editing to look into.