Defold Editor and Mac OS Mojave


We’ve seen a number of reports of the Defold editor crashing on Mac OS Mojave. From what we can tell this is a Mojave issue that seems to be outside of our control. We are currently investigating the problem to see if there is anything we can do on our end to solve this. We saw similar issues when High Sierra was new and the problems were resolved via an Apple OS update.

Is it safe to update to the latest OSX Mojave?
Defold Mac Crashes When Signing in


The problem with Mojave isn’t 100% reproducible and could be a combination of hardware, software and project. I’ve opened and played around with several Defold projects on a Macbook Pro and everything worked fine without any crashes. If you do experience any crashes then please make sure to report them!


I guess I just witnessed that crash, here is a crashlog in case if it helps.


I can no longer open my editor, crashes every time :frowning:


It looks likes we’re affected by this bug:

In short, tab switching away from the editor while a dialog window is open (such as when opening a project) causes a crash.

One workaround that seems to work is to add Defold to the list under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility. Please report if this doesn’t help in your case, or if you find an alternate workaround.

Obviously this is not an acceptable permanent solution. We’ll follow this issue in the coming weeks. If a patch gets merged we’ll likely update the jre shipped with Defold. Otherwise, we’ll have a closer look at openjdk.


Looks like the bug is resolved:


Thanks for informing us! Hope we find time to move to a newer jdk/open soon!