Removing 32-bit editor (not the engine!) support for Windows


We are currently in the process of updating dependencies used in editor, which is needed partly to incorporate bugfixes (such as a fix for macOS Mojave crash) and partly to stop using no longer supported software (like JDK).

Newer OpenjJDK dropped support for 32-bit Windows, which means that we have to drop it too, so using editor soon will mean you need to have a 64-bit computer. We plan to remove download links from and stop providing updates (via auto-updater) for it.

You still will be able to bundle defold games for 32-bit Windows — engine is not affected!


That’s perfectly fine nowadays, but I suggest you add a warning in the editor for 32-bit users to switch to 64-bit. If you just stop updates, they might not notice their editor is not updating and might not question why.


Sure, we’ll put such warning.