Defold Editor 2.0


ok, I will make big list of my bugs with backward compatibility in github issue


hello, why i can’t playing the video?


Hmm, it’s not working for me either. @sicher, @Erik_Honn, any idea why?


Not here either. Are you trying on phone or desktop? (I’m on an iPhone).


I’m testing from the office on my laptop.


Strange. I’m off my computer for a day or so but I’ll have a look later.


@ironmaidenfan Try it now?

@sicher it seems it was removed or something? I simply uploaded is again, it got the same url as before :confused:


Weird, but… Works now, thanks!!


OMG OMG OMG sooo exciteeed about native extensiions.

(the doubled-up letters are due to my bluetooth keyboard being low on battery, but I’ll leave them in since they perfectly convey my excitement)


Sorry for annoying, but i cant build my project in Editor 2.0

I always receieve error com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientHandlerException: Connection refused: connect. Please help.


Another gamedev at king got that, it turned out that he had enabled “native extensions” somewhere in the preferences, which is “a very experimental internal dev feature” at this point. Did you do this as well? If so, turn it off and the problem should disappear. We will change the presentation of that checkbox. If you see any other issues, please use “Help > Report Issue” from within the editor, since that provides us with more details about your setup, the error itself, and better tracking/prio.


nope, still same, i can’t playing it.


I have a copy of video here:


So weird, I can’t play it either.
@sicher or @Erik_Honn might know something, but they’re away on vacation now :slight_smile:


It was working for me before, but it’s 404ing now.


Bizarre. I can’t find any weird settings. If the uploads are stored on our machine there might be a cron that cleans it outside of the forum software? @mikael.lothman?

Maybe we should enable to setting to put all uploads on S3?


Hi @Ragnar_Svensson, happy 2017!

Me and my team would love to test the new Editor 2.0, I was hoping you could give us early access?


Well… as I love to play with new things and would love to help you guys with the beta testing, may I join it too?


Hi @Ragnar_Svensson, I would like to test and play with the new Editor, can i have a beta access?


@Ragnar_Svensson Is testing positions still available? if so I’d love to join.