Defold Editor 2.0


For confirming,
Can I preview my particle in Editor 2.0? I pressed “space” but nothing happen. Thanks!


Yes… It’s in the “Scene” menu.

All old keyboard shortcuts are not in place (yet).




Will Editor 2 expose the properties of game objects when displayed in the hierarchies in the outliner, and I don’t mean user defined properties.


Not sure what you mean. This is how it currently looks:


Sorry yea, read original comment made sense in my head, in editor 1 the collections within collections cannot be directly edited, you have to enter each collection separately to adjust game objects, it would make the editor so much nicer to use if I could stay at the top most collection, and edit all game objects from there


Yes, we call that “in-place editing” and it’s a new feature in Editor 2. I don’t know if the design is 100% ironed out yet though. @Ragnar_Svensson can tell you more when he got time (he’s on vacation for a few weeks now).


OMG :laughing: love you all Defold team


Here’s a small teaser from the Native Extension, we’ve currently added Android support (C++ only), and we’re continuing work on the pipeline and server parts. Happy weekends, and may the global game jam be with you! (?)


Where i can get this? Is it offline feature?


Not released yet. Only teaser previews.


Can I take part in beta?


@Erik_Angelin or @Ragnar_Dahlen can give access while @ragnar.svensson is on vacation.


Hi guys, I would also like to request a beta access. Cheers


+1 I also want to take part in beta.


I’ve taken a break from these forums and it’s exciting to see what’s going on!

I’d love to have beta access if that’s at all possible. Anything I can to help make this amazing engine better. I really do love it. It’s just hard to explain to people that are used to working with Unity, etc… just how much better Defold is!


I hear dat, I used Unity from version 3 and watched it become more and more bugged, with it’s ever expanding waist line, moved over to Unreal 4, which I absolutely love, but they’ve left 2D support behind, and it’s a minimum 180mb build, Defold is a breath of fresh air, light, fast, fluid, when editor 2 arrives, it’ll be the dogs gonads.


Would love beta access as well. I excited to see what is coming down the pipeline.


If this doesn’t become the official tagline for Editor 2, then something is very wrong.


I relinquish all copyrights to it, :joy: