Defold Editor 2.0


How about a built-in bugreporter that posts stuff e.g. to jira?
I guess this sounds like a fair bit of extra work, but then the community gets happier and you get more feedback or better quality =]


I’m completly in love with that😍

Is it lot of work too integreate ?


Maybe I overlooked, but what is this being built on? Are you using an editor framework? Just curious. Super nice looking, I can’t wait. :slight_smile:


Here is a talk Ragnar and Michael Nygard held about the editor last autumn:


@Ragnar_Svensson :scream: your beard almost gone!? That beard is your brand! :yum:


If I remember correctly the new editor will use clojure and javafx and the engine will remain in C.


What level of auto-completion are you planning for Editor 2.0?

I can see a few places where it would really help to have solid auto-complete (like when defining mask collisions)



Howdy all! It’s that day of the week again, and this time around we’ve got tile map editing support in Editor 2:

(assets from


I love it :heart_eyes:

Raaaa when could we have some alpha to test ?


Hey, sorry for the absense! I had to leave early this week due to a family related situation, and will need to be off Defold and Editor2 for a few more weeks unfortunately. There’s someone who just arrived into this world, a little earlier than expected, and she needs my full attention day and night. It really bothers me that this stalls the early-alpha testing further, but there isn’t anything I can do about that right now. We (as in @Ragnar_Dahlen) continue to work on what’s left for the alpha though.

@gianmichele Excellent idea! The first step is to provide it for the pure code editing, but later we will add it everywhere it helps.

@jack0088 Ha! The beard comes and goes! :slight_smile:


Exellent Good Job and congratulation :wink:
the next week you won’t have lot of sleep time but it will be not du to coding time :wink:

Take your time with her :wink:


congratulations! :birthday: :gift: :tada:



Bug When closing folder in Tile Map Editor

Any word if 2.0 will support external plug-ins like Admob or similar monetization and analytics services?


Editor 2.0 is only the new editor. The engine and its features will remain the same.


The answer is no then?!
That’s disappointing.


There is an extension system coming soon and that will allow some additional means of integrating third-party code, but from the start only C/C++ so no AdMob support I’m afraid.

If you consider Leadbolt and AdCash as similar monetization options as AdMob then it’s possible to use them already using the recently introduced webview.

When you say analytics, which service are you thinking about specifically? Google Analytics? If so, then I’m fairly certain it’s possible to implement GA support in pure Lua using the Measurement Protocol.


I was talking in general, maybe Google, Chartboost, Soomla or something similar. Things like “Rewarded Video Ads” for example are becoming essential in the mobile gaming business as you know.


I have to disagree, I’m looking forward to the new editor (as long as I can make my comments green and it matches my if…ends for me).