Defold Editor 2.0


@AGulev Sorry for being late :slight_smile:


Not really new for this week, but I don’t believe we’ve shown the new, colourful, curve editor before:


does that mean you will release partial or complete code of the engine to public? i mean, we need that to develop plugins~~:D
that sounds really nice!
(already day dreaming about the plugins i wanna dev~ w)


Very nice the curve editor is really clear :slight_smile:

Did you plan to extend the curve editor for Object ?
Exemple, you have a collection "menu title"
with a some ui sprite, other sprite ect…ect…

we could add a timeline_animation that will use the curve interface to modifie position, scale, rotation ect…ect…


I was just asking about a feature that is very important to most game developers.


The new editor looks amazing! Very slick and professional!
Nice job!


What you’re asking for will come in one shape or another, but not as a part of Editor 2.0.


No, the engine will remain closed source. We’ll give you more details later this year.



Hi everyone!

Not as visually exciting, and very much in need of polish, this weeks teaser shows that the new editor will bring saner forms for editing materials, gamepads, display profiles and so on!


Lovely !!!

Did the new editor could link automaticly variable in vextex/fragment shader in the materiel ?
It’s a bit anoying when you’re writing shader actually to setup variable in the material interface, redeclare them
in the shader ect…

And after could with some automatic thing that could be use like a time or dt ect…
Actually you need :
1 - setup material
2 - write shader
3 - write the code to update each variable of the shader


Interesting thoughts, could you try to describe more concretely what you would like and how it would work? E.g. what do you mean by “linking” variables?
In Editor2 your material is being used in the viewport (this is not the case in the current editor where it uses default materials and you need to run the game to see your shaders in action). Since the simulation (game) is not running, it uses the default values for every shader constant found in the .material files. This means you can use them for previewing purposes as well as give sensible default values.


Love it!
Especially the gamepad setup. It’s these small things that make the workflow much more enjoyable.

Are you going to expand a little bit more these Friday/s sneak peeks? Maybe with a small video?


#teaserfriday again!

For this week, here’s a glimpse of the tile-source editor. A notable improvement over the current editor is that we now show consistent colours for collision groups everywhere they are used, including the colouring of collision-objects. Hopefully that will make it a little bit simpler too see that you’ve picked the right groups.


There will be video next week, promise! At least in the form of a gif. :slight_smile:




3D in 2D!!!

What’s being shown:

  • Collada model with custom shader and evaluated in the editor (face borrowed from Lee Perry-Smith)
  • Nifty camera tumbling
  • Nifty camera realign command
  • 3D support for the scene widgets, i.e. translation, rotation, etc


Also, following up on the current status… It’s really great to be back to work again. :slight_smile:

What’s left:

  • Tile map editor (@Ragnar_Dahlen is finishing up)
  • Error handling - requires a bit redesign from unforeseen consequences. A subtle change is required but needs to be thought through since it has rippling effects in the app architecture.
  • In-place editing, required for:
    • Animation previewing (atlas/tile sources)
    • View filtering

And of course:

  • Testing and bug fixing (@Erik_Angelin is back, fixing bugs in the text editor)
  • Various polishing/packaging

Like I said a month ago, I expect external testing to start really really soon, like in two weeks! :slight_smile: I wonder if there is anyone who still believes in my time estimates. :confused:


I Believe, I believe and i wan to believe !!!

2 week release 2 week release :stuck_out_tongue:



Sorry for this shitty non-visual #teaserfriday but this time the teaser is about next friday! That is when we aim to start with the external testing of editor2. In order for you to follow this more closely, I have made a google doc which will reflect our internal jira as we go through next week.
The purpose of this round of testing is to find critical platform issues, help with issue reporting, some first impressions, etc. so it will not be completely open yet (probably have you request access to the download-links, or something simple like that). There are a lot of things we have left to do in editor2, but we still really want to get this software out as soon as possible. Everyone is pretty sick of waiting by now. :confounded:

If you are interested in joining this early testing, we would be incredibly grateful! We will post more info as we go through next week to see where we are and how this will work exactly.


nice share thx you


Any speculated release date, or is it too early?


We’ve had many speculated release dates, the first one being late spring 2015. :disappointed: It’s proven to be incredibly difficult to estimate because of how much RnD was required to complete it. We are pretty badly hurt by having to make two editors simultaneously so we are putting a lot of effort into shipping it for real as soon as possible. Realistically it needs to be out in the wild for a few months to ensure it can replace the current one for production purposes.