Defold Editor 2.0


The issue is fixed by making Editor 2 also save it like this?

  "  properties {\n"
  "    id: \"name\"\n"
  "    value: \"transition\"\n"
  "    type: PROPERTY_TYPE_HASH\n"
  "  }\n"


For now, yes. We would probably prefer the component_properties-format in both editors but changing editor 1 now is not an option.


Hey everyone; Happy Monday! I don’t have that much more to say other than that the pre-release is out.


Tried new editor. For now, there is no preview for flipbook animations, collection editor uses only linear filtering? You call that pre-release?


Sure. It’s not done. There are some features not there yet and many bugs. If you find things not listed in the issue tracker please don’t hesitate to report.


why is there at “help-about” version 1.2.98?


Editor 2 is currently in version sync with Editor 1. They will (eventually) be 100% compatible and be supported side by side for a while before Editor 2 takes over completely.


What do you mean by this?


Anything what i see in the tile source editor, tile map editor, game object (collection) editor is blurred. But i am using pixel art, and so i want nearest filtering, just like in actual game.


Ah, I see. @Erik_Angelin, @Ragnar_Svensson and @Ragnar_Dahlen, do we plan to change filtering mode?


Yes, the materials should be used to render in the editor, just like in the game. This is the case already in many instances, but it’s missing for sprites, tile maps and tile sources.


Issue here:


are there notifications for when a new release is available? If not, that would be nice given that one would have to otherwise check out the release page every so often.

A changelog for what’s been implemented, modified or removed would be very appreciated too.


You should get a little popup on start-up whenever a new release is available. The issue is sometimes it shows (showed?) up behind the main window.


@CandyFace Editor 2 is updated live, sometimes multiple times per day.

I agree that a changelog would be nice too.


Aweee yeah!


Hi, do you have any news about Editor2 plugins?
Guys from RU-community has many ideas for improve Defold editor like :

  • fast z-order changing by keys (page up? page down);
  • visual library of sprites (for a fast level design);
  • curves for characters pathes;

We understand that there are too many feature requests for defold team and we looking forward for Editor2 plugins.
Would be great if you share some news about it.


Hey! I’m very happy there is an interest in making plugins! Unfortunately there is not much news around them. We have made a tiny experiment and discussed it a bit in the team, but there is still a lot of things that must be done first.


hey, I’m ready to download the editor v.2 to test that font bug. Where’s the link? Thanks


The download link for Editor 2 should be below the Editor 1. Log in to and press the Download button, then a sub menu should appear from which you can chose the Editor 2.