Defold Editor 2.0


thanks mattias!


I understand that Editor2 has many blockers and important issues, but would be great if developers find time to fix usability and/or quik-win issues.
Something like one usability-day per week (or like this).
I think it will help to make Editor2 more interesting and understandeble for users who wil try it and for users who already work with E2.


I agree, and coincidentally enough we decided this very morning that we would fix one “quick-win?” tagged issue in between every one we fix from now on. This should see them being fixed in a much higher speed than previously.


Defold editor 2.0 is super sexy. But how do I open one of the branches of my project like I used to in Defold 1?


Unless you want to make a new local copy of the project, use the open “From Disk” option. Editor 1 stores project files in the “branches” folder in its directory. It’s a bit annoying to find the right one, since each project branch is in a numbered folder in another numbered folder. For myself I made shortcuts to each one so I can get to them easily.


When is the complete switch to Editor 2 going to happen?


This year. Most likely before end of Q3. We want to bundle the editor release together with a bunch of other features such as full native extension support and some other stuff into a proper big release.


Sorry ahead of time if this has been answered already, but will the final release of Editor 2 bring Defold (as a whole) out of Beta?


That’s a good question! I’ll let @Sara answer this one.


The final release of Editor 2 will indeed bring Defold out of Beta. This will happen before the end of the year (hopefully beginning of Q4). Worth mentioning is that Defold is being used for several games in production within King (and elsewhere), so despite the “beta” tag, it is definitely production ready. The runtime has so far well over 80M installs worldwide.


It might be motivating to more periodically list features done / bug fixes so they can be more publicly celebrated and the work done to be more publicly recognized. When I see quality of life features being merged in it often makes my day!!


It sounds like Editor 2 is getting really close now™ ! How exciting!
I was wondering - is there any chance of creating games using Clojure instead of Lua ?
(sorry if this is the incorrect thread for this kind of question)


No, not currently, and it is not planned either. Look into a language such as Fennel to get Lisp syntax in a Lua context.