Defold Editor 2.0


Is the beta still going on? If so I would like to get access to it as well please. You all are doing an incredible job! Thank you and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us with this project.


I would like to be a beta tester as well and will report bugs to whatever are the proper internal/external channels, following the instructions to do so - if any. I would like to get involved and help however possible

I should note that prior to Defold, my experience comes from Unity and more recently Godot
I’ve been involved in shipped games more as an artist, but in my free time I learned programming and am playing with prototyping things for several months.

I have previously reported bugs on many open source projects and have even helped with compiling and packaging for linux. So there is some experience with debugging and reporting



Man, I’m very interested in beta access. This new editor seems pretty neat.


Is the new Native Extensions System in the new editor editor beta? If so, I would love to take part in the beta access! I’ve used Unity since 2.5, and I fell in love with Defold. With the extension system and editor plugin system I can start to put the many ideas I have in action.


@paulopatez The Native Extensions is actually a feature that we will support in Editor 1 as well, while waiting for Editor 2 to mature a bit. You will be able to bundle and sign packages as usual.
We are in the process of putting this together now, and we will release a first alpha version of native extensions in the very near future.

As our first step, we will support iOS/MacOS and some Android (C++ only), and we will continuously add more platforms as we progress (e.g. Android+Java, Html5, Windows, Linux). Stay tuned!


Thank you, @Mathias_Westerdahl .


Can I take part in beta?



Any chance to try out the beta?


I’m also interested to test the Beta version, on Linux.


I’m interested too into 2.0 beta version! (I’m a mac & windows user)


Next week the pre-release version of Editor 2 gonna be released!
You’d be able to get it in the Dashboard, under the green Download Editor button.


i’m interested in the 2.0 beta version :smiley:


Found it on the monitor next to me. I guess this can count as the pre-announcement of an editor 2 pre-release version release announcement.


I especially do appreciate that announcement text in the picture. You keep up being athletic and healthy Defold-team!




I’d like a beta invite (linux please), tks!


The beta should be publicly available without the need for an invitation starting on Monday. I’m assuming that an announcement will be made on the forum and webpage @Axel . Stay tuned!


thanks again!


Yeah—stay tuned, more info will come very shortly!


Breaking change in file format for collections in Editor 2

We’ve recently changed the way Editor 2 saves overrides in order to be compatible with Editor 1.
The impact for you as a beta tester is that overrides for embedded game objects in collections will be lost and have to be entered again.
If you’re unsure where/whether you’re affected by this change, the easiest way to find out is to save with the newest version and check the diffs.

Some details can be found in the corresponding issue:

We apologise for the inconvenience.