Defold 1.2.129 teaser


I’m continuing on from my previous teaser and roadmap post with what we got cooking for the next release, planned for the 4th of June:

DEF-2747 Cancel local push notifications
DEF-1183 Engine provided timer functionality
DEF-3191 Hot reload collection files
DEF-1183 Native timer
DEF-3138 Sound plays for one frame even though the group gain is 0

We also plan to ship some improvements to the extension SDK, a few fixes for minor memory leaks under certain conditions, an optimizations to 3D model batching and finally some stability improvements to the native extension builds.

On the editor side we will continue to release stability and performance improvements. The recent work to parallelize and in other ways speed up build times should be more or less finished for now and we hope that those of you working on larger projects will appreciate this effort. We still plan to start working on the functionality to show/hide guidelines and the outline filtering, but we’re not sure if any of it will end up in the next release.

Disclaimer: While this is what was planned this morning we all know that software development doesn’t always go according to plan. Unforeseen things can pop up, bugs in the live product may be discovered, team members can become ill and so on. Please take the above plan with a grain of salt. Not all of it might make it into the next release.


Defold 1.2.130 teaser

Native timers was a larger task than we anticipated, so we listed it twice here :wink:



Any chance of including DEF-2918 in the near future?



Yes, it’s in progress. It’s a big new feature involving both engine and editor teams. We don’t know exactly when it will be finished but hopefully within a few sprints.



DEF-2918 Resource component properties - Reference materials, models, textures, fonts and other resources as script properties and use go.get/set to change these at run-time.

This was put on hold for one sprint to make sure the editor team has time to finish some work required for 1.2.129 which is time critical to the roadmap of an internal King team. I’m confident (right @mats.gisselson?) that we’ll be able to ship the Resource component properties in 1.2.130.



Native timers :heart_eyes::sweat_drops: can’t wait



Thanks guys! Really looking forward to it!



DEF-3133 please please. :sob: looks like just need to reset ik targets positions when spine animation is changed to other.



It will not be included in 1.2.129, but maybe we can include it for 1.2.130. Sven, what’s the estimate in size for this task?

Edit: Sven confirmed this is a quick win. Still, unlikely to be included in 1.2.129.



thanks! very very looking forward to it. :face_with_monocle: