Defold 1.2.130 teaser


This is a teaser for the upcoming Defold 1.2.130 release, planned for the 18th of June (my birthday, yay!).

A few of the things we had planned to ship in Defold 1.2.129 never quite made it into the release. This means that the following issues will be shipped in 1.2.130 instead:

  • DEF-1183 Native timer and
  • DEF-3191 Hot reload collection files

We also plan to wrap some functionality that currently only exists as messages into function calls (eg sprite animations and play/stop sounds). LiveUpdate should hopefully be released as well.

We’re running this sprint with a reduced team (@sven at WWDC and @Johan_Beck-Noren has been ill) so the 1.2.30 release will be a bit thinner than previous releases.

We will start shipping some functionality to toggle visibility of guidelines and components in the editor. This will make it a lot easier to work with large scenes as it allows you to remove clutter and completely hide certain component types while working. Hopefully the first iteration will be released in 1.2.130, and we’ll continue to add this kind of functionality in upcoming releases.

Work has finally started on the process of going from a global undo system to a local undo! This is something many of you have requested, but it’s a big task so it’s likely that we’ll have to wait one or two more releases before we can release it.

As always, if there’s anything you think we should prioritise then please reach out to us, either here on the forum or on Slack.

Undo code issue

I’m finishing my current project (with another framework) soon and I already started a new one with Defold. I have been keeping notes on editor2 usability and workflow. Do you have a place where to post these or where to see what has already been requested?


Hurray! Please do for input focus too I end up having to look it up every time and an autocomplete would be so convenient.







You could post each as issues here and search to see if one exists and then comment to +1 it.


The best place to post these are in our public editor 2 issues and feature request list:


It would be great!

I think it’s not important because of rare use.
I made small module for input and forgot about difficult messages here:

local M = {}

local ADD_FOCUS = hash("acquire_input_focus")
local REMOVE_FOCUS = hash("release_input_focus")

local PATH_OBJ = "."

M.A_CLICK = hash("click")
M.A_TEXT = hash("text")
M.A_BACKSPACE = hash("backspace")
M.A_ENTER = hash("enter")
M.A_ANDR_BACK = hash("back")

function M.focus(), ADD_FOCUS)

function M.remove(), REMOVE_FOCUS)

return M


The editor does autocomplete messages so “acquire_input_focus” seems less important than a message that requires parameters (such as play_animation or play_sound).


Correction: It’s a really big task. I shouldn’t even make any promise on when it will be released. We’re designing the solution now, and before we know how to implement it it is impossible to estimate the time it will take to finish.


You’re right it’s rare because I forget how to do it often enough and look it up with the hundreds of small example projects I’ve made. Modules are useful but I still think this should be built in.

I did not notice this but it’s nice to realize. I’ll probably not have to look it up again… :pray:

I think they are all important, the more intuitive the better. We have “on_input” people expect to write maybe “input” or they maybe assume input would be in “go” or “gui” depending on if they are using a script or gui script.


We want the full live update badly :star_struck:


@Johan_Beck-Noren is doing the final work on live update. Johan, will it be ready in time for the release?


There are a few things left to implement and test, can’t say for sure if everything will be done and ready by the beta release on Wednesday.

But it’s getting closer to being released :slight_smile: