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Did you happen to see what errors you got in the browser console?



Thanks, that really helps! @samuel.nystedt is on vacation this week, and the whole team is conferencing Mon–Wed, but we’ll get to it when we get to it. But you managed to save eventually, right?



One thing I don’t like is how the sides are cropped and then there is really ugly banding. It would be better if that was a solid color.

2017-11-16 02_19_27-Edit DefSteam


Where is this?


On the project page. I guess what it does is it blurs and darkens the image you upload and in the case with background gradients it can look very bad.


2017-11-16 02_28_41-Defold Assets

Coming soon to the assets portal once I upload new version to Github.


In the hero image area, you mean? Yeah, that is correct. Works well for most images, but if the color of the image is close to that of the background (e.g. very dark gray), then you might get some banding appearance. You could try experimenting with transparent .png’s, which in some cases (1, 2) look really good.


Even with a solid background color the sides look pretty bad and have weird artifacts

The transparent png version is interesting but I’d still prefer solid colors on the sides or nothing extra there. Maybe a checkbox to leave it transparent / set it to solid color / or not add the extra area.


I think that the play uploaded HTML5 version should be able to be a direct link instead of a popup. Similar to the way itch does it. Like would have the web version only a mostly clean page with full screen button and options to have comments enabled there and link to go to main project page.


I am still getting this often when trying to sync a github readme and license. I’ve tried about 10 times with no luck. It doesn’t save, if I refresh it’s not linked.

2017-11-21 15_56_32-Edit DefGlot

I manually set the license, then when I went to make it go public it forced me to change license from CC0 to something else to let me continue.


Hi @Pkeod, I can’t manage to reproduce the “Error - undefined” using your github URL on one of my test projects. Do you still have that problem? The other problem you have, forcing you to set the license to CC0 seems to be a validation mistake by us, will fix it ASAP. Thanks for finding the bug.


I’m using Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Win 10 if that matters.

I just tested linking on the DefGlot project and it’s working now. Maybe the difference is that before I had no license and description setup and the project wasn’t public yet. I’ll setup another one and test.

Edit: Yep, that’s something to do with it. Fresh, blank project, attempt to link, error.


Thanks, I could reproduce it now as well. Will look in to it. Sorry for the trouble.


Your reported bugs should be fixed now. Please let me know if you’re still experiencing problems with publishing your project.


Web/Sticky Iron release notes (Nov 27–Dec 8)

The team is back in action! We have spent some time working on internal tools as well as preparations for upcoming features, but a few new things are out there:


  • Feature: Added “supported platforms” tags. This will allow you to tag your assets with which platforms your are supported by your assets—and conversely filter by platform support from the Asset portal.
    All assets currently have all platforms enabled by default, so if you know you have made an asset which doesn’t have support for all platforms, you need to manually fix this in the “Edit” page. Sorry for the inconvenience :heart:

  • Renamed “Preview” and “Settings” to “View” and “Edit”, and added a warning if you press the “View” tab when you have unsaved changes.

Fixed an issue where…

  • …the activity log in the Dashboard was not always showing. If you are affected by this, see solution here.

Upcoming features:

  • Dev log revamp. We will make larger changes to how Dev logs work, in order to connect the forum and the Community pages in a better way. This will mean that there will be no difference, technically speaking, of how dev logs in the forum and dev logs in the community portal are structured.
  • As an end user, I want to be able to sort assets and games on “Most recent” (more info).
  • As an end user, I would like to be able to see which of my Defold projects have a community page tied to them. (more info).

Happy Monday!


Notifications for comments on your own community pages would be really nice. There was a bug report comment on one of my assets that I missed for a week or two because I didn’t check the page.


I agree, it’s a must-have. We’re looking in to what we can do to address this, I’ll let you know once I know more!


I can’t fint where I can change platforms (


If you edit your page, underneath “Tags” and above “Description” there should be a list where you can click to toggle each one.