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Oh, huh. It looks like the platform tags aren’t working for games yet, they aren’t in the filters list either. They only show up if you go to assets.


Something for @Axel-old-account and @samuel.nystedt to look at on Monday.


Hey @AGulev, @ross.grams, the platform tags are only for Assets, to make it clear which platform they support. The fact that platforms show up in the sidebar for games is a bug. Thanks for finding it :slight_smile:

For games the “Link to external playable” fills a similar purpose.


Images for my asset are not loading. Trying to submit, but I’ll have to go without them for now.

Tried using .png and .jpg, but neither work. Also made sure they were within size limits.

EDIT: was able to save the thumbnail by selecting it and viewing the project from the asset page. The thumbnail was displayed, but from editing view it was still loading. Screenshots wouldn’t finish loading.


Sorry about this inconvenience. We’ve been able to reproduce and most likely locate the source of the error, so we’ll take a look to see if we can fix it as soon as possible. I’ll let you know when it’s done!


This has been fixed—you should now be able to upload your images without problems :+1:


It would be useful to allow creating a blank empty project based on a name from the “ADD YOUR ASSET” button dialog as a secondary option.


This project appears to be broken at the moment, can’t edit, nothing showing up

Had it happen again to another project when syncing with github the modal never finalized, and refreshing shows the page blank




Hum, @Axel-old-account @samuel.nystedt?


Investigating now


Hi @Pkeod and @selimanac. I found the issue now, it was a regression since the last update. It’s fixed now. Sorry about any inconvenience, and thanks for reporting :slight_smile:


Hi all!


Devlogs and Comment sections on all asset and game pages will very shortly get a big rehaul, with the effect of i) devlogs on community pages will work the same way as in the forums ii) better visibility of what’s happening on your community page—all with the goal of making the Defold community portal a more vibrant place.

The problem we’re fixing

The current system for devlogs and comments is using Discourse (this forum) as a back-end, hosting all the devlog threads, posts, and comments—in hidden categories.

However, with the way it’s currently built, devlogs and comments live in a completely separate place from where most users hang out—the forum. The back-end structure of devlogs is also a strange creature, where each devlog post is a sub-category in a main category.

Furthermore, as we have no notification system as of yet, all interaction which occurs on the community pages sort of happens in a vacuum, laying the responsibility on the user to keep track on what’s happening.

The solution

We will keep using Discourse as a back-end, but Community page devlogs will not exist in a separate world from the forum devlogs. The new solution will scrap the weird back-end “nested categories” structure, and instead follow the “one thread, one devlog” structure which works well in the forum.

And, since there will be no structural differences, devlogs which are created from a community page will appear as a forum thread, and existing devlog forum threads can easily be attached to a community page. Meaning you can edit your devlog from either place, regardless of where you originally created it.

What will happen

As it’s a non-trivial release process which affects both the site and the forum, it might take a day or two for the changes to take effect. First and foremost, comments and devlogs will be disabled for a day or two, while we handle the process of migrating all devlogs and comments to the new solution. The migration might mean seeing more devlog threads in the forum than usual.

Creating new devlogs


Devlogs created from the Community page will have a “Topic featured link” (you know the thing which only @AGulev knows how to do), which adds a link (in this case, to the community page) right next to the forum thread. This will provide a better link between the forum and the community pages.

Sorry about the big wall of text, but I just wanted to let you know what’s going to happen over the next couple of days. Please holler if you have any questions.