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Web/Sticky Iron release notes (Sep 30–Oct 13)


  • Released: Games and assets are now filterable using tags! :raised_hands::mage::tada:

Minor features:

Fixed an issue where…

  • …the “Use this” bar was displayed on asset pages, even though there was no attachment nor library added.
  • …tags were not loaded on the “settings” page.
  • …HTML5 playable was not playable in Internet Explorer 11 (ping @AGulev)
  • …it was not possible to remove thumbnail images.
  • …the “SFX/Music” tag caused errors. It’s now removed (use the tag Audio instead)
  • …“Easy Hosting” (i.e. easily making the Library URL from Defold-hosted project available for everyone to use, and not just project members)
  • some links looked broken in Dev logs (ping @leszekkrol)
  • …clicking on the “Post comment” or “Post dev log” button twice would result in two instances of the comment/post.

Upcoming features:

  • Generate HTML5 playable. If your project is hosted on Defold’s servers, this will allow you to build a HTML5 playable directly from the “Settings” page.
  • Better dev log/forum integration. We will do changes to the dev log system, which basically will result in not having dev logs in both forums and Sticky Iron.
  • Link community page to Github repo. This will allow you to link a Github repo to your community page, meaning we will display the README .md and LICENSE .md, instead of having them as two separate instances. Further along, we could add features like “Build HTML5 playable” from the Github repo, and similar—but this is a first step.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Yeeeaaah! Now Dashboard working in TURBO mode! Thx! )


Good update!

I’m seeing some flickering with one of the overlays in chrome when uploading files. Something to do with the mouse position while a modal is up?

Why not detect HTML5 projects which are not uploaded as a folder but as the main directory too?

This is probably a good thing to not allow low quality comments but no fun also!

With comments, if I select some text and then press the bold button for example the window scrolls to the top of the page. Using latest Chrome.

“28 seconds ago” would be better than “28 seconds from now?” unless there is time travel going on?



I can’t reproduce it with neither the “add images” nor “add attachment” overlays – could you specify what dialog/overlay you’re talking about?

If you’ve come to have fun, you’re at the wrong place, buddy. Nah – but I think it’s a built-in discourse thing which doesn’t serve that much of a purpose, really.

Thanks, we’ll look into it!

Or a super-intelligent AI, predicting what you’re about to do? :robot:

Are you referring to when you upload the HTML5 playable .zip? If so, then I agree. IIRC, there was some reason a long time ago why we took this decision, but I can’t recall why. Will add an investigation task!




Today i start publishing my games to Community Portal.
First project working great:
Second (private page currently) not working:

Second project trying to start and instanly stop loading. Yes project working locally and on other portals. Maybe deal in portret game canvas orientaion 480x720? Started game overlay has quadric size


PS i see Community Portal publishing progress is very easy and informant. By the level of convenience similar to, and much more better than kong, newgrounds, gamejolt. Thx for you work!


Hmmm, today sutiation resolved - all working good . Thx.


You mean that the HTML5 playable didn’t load at all? Regarding the sizing, we have an issue in the backlog for this—I’ll let you know once we’ve shipped a fix.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:. Any features you’d like to see in the future?


Yes, project didn’t load and didn’t play. But after a day project loaded and started in normal flow, i dont update build. So i think someone fix issue on you side.


woooahhh… That plan of doing jams on our Community Pages thing just makes so much sense now! #projectBenJAMin =]


Can’t hold my excitement! The HTML5 version of your game appears on your game’s Community Page pretty much autogamically. No setups/uploads, etc.



Web/Sticky Iron release notes (Oct 16–27)


  • Beta feature: Users are now able to build their HTML5 playable directly from the Dashboard :raised_hands: :tada: :mage:
    This is currently only possible if the project is hosted in the Defold Cloud (i.e. if you created the project from the Dashboard). Please note that we have noticed a couple of projects where the building process fails, while still being able to build the project in the editor—hence the “Beta feature” tag. Uploading your HTML5 playable naturally works, if the web builder should break for anyone.
  • This isn’t really a feature, but we used a lot of time this sprint to vastly improve our quality tools. Unit tests now run at build time to reduce production bugs, and will—in general—make the site a lot more stable.

Fixed an issue where…

  • …certain tags broke the right column on asset pages.
  • …fixed an issue where the user travelled in time (basically we just changed the copy from “from now” to “ago” in dev log posts and comments)
  • …users were able to add more than six tags.
  • …certain characters (non-ascii characters) caused errors when users tried to edit dev log posts and comments.

Happy Friday, everyone!

giphy (7)


Opening links in a game demo seems to close the game without hiding the overlay modal?


I can’t reproduce this in Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Are you on Windows? What browser are you running?


Try with this game

Play now, click the gear, click either of the mobile links. This is what happens for me

Latest Chrome on Win 10



Works well in mac Firefox+Chrome+Safari, so it’s likely this is a Windows bug. Thanks for reporting, I’ll add it to the backlog.


Web/Sticky Iron release notes (Oct 30–Nov 9)


  • Feature: Link asset community page to Github repo. This will enable you to connect a Github repo to your community page, which will result in your being displayed as your overview text, as well as add a link to your (where applicable) so you won’t have to maintain two instances of the description.

  • Added three more standard licenses for assets: MIT, GNU General Public License v3.0, and Apache License 2.0.
  • Our Django instance was updated, due to the old version was classed as insecure.

Fixed an issue where…

  • …some playables were too tall, resulting in not-so-nice croppin’ and scrollin’. The fix was done in how the engine outputs the HTML playable—so while the fix will not affect playables which are already on Sticky Iron, it will affect all new HTML5 bundles.
  • …tags were not displayed on the settings page.
  • …the spotlight section on was not visible.
  • …the “Post comment” button was misplaces on dev logs.

Due to vacation and team off-site (with three exploration days—expect cool things!), Sticky Iron development will be on hold for the next two weeks.

Happy Thursday, everyone! :balloon:



It’s more common for the LICENSE file to not have any file extension as far as I know.


There is a LICENSE though which should probably be detected for too.

I added a but there appears to be some caching done even though I canceled the first time and it won’t now find it to sync.

Now I get an error when I try to finalize it



Thanks a ton, @Pkeod! I’ll add it to the backlog, to make sure people don’t have to do your workaround:

Crap. Can you add your license the old fashioned way? By choosing “Custom license”, and not linking it with your repo?


I tried to do so and got this.

Tried a few times and eventually got success with saving.