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Sticky Iron 101

Alright, so the community is growing – everyday. You guys and gals create amazing and crazy games, you help improve the engine, and everyday go out of your way to give support to basically everyone who needs it. And with a constantly growing user base, we just feel like we need to give the users the community they deserve.

We’ve been working on Sticky Iron under the grid (apart from sanity-checking ourselves with a handful of you guys along the way) for a while, and now it’s time to let all of you know what’s gonna happen!

So here’s what we, in short, are doing: we are building a web-based platform which allows you to easily share your Defold projects—be it games, assets, libraries, example projects, extensions, or whatever weird (and awesome!) things you all make in Defold—in a simple, yet professional-looking manner. Interact with people and their projects, create and follow dev logs, publish and use assets, libraries and extensions—all which gives you the inspiration and support in order to level up your Defold development.

But of course – it wouldn’t be any fun if we gave all of it away at once, so in the spirit of the forums, here is Sticky Iron: Teaser Friday #1.

So, what’s next?
Well, we keep at it. We will set up some form of release cycle where we launch discrete parts independently of each other, with us going live with the first parts Q3 2017. What would be a great benefit to do at this stage is to do more user testing—so if you’re curious about what the hell this project is, and would like to participate; please send me a PM, and I’ll tell you more :slight_smile:

Oh, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or whatnot in this thread—just because it’s a teaser thread doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna reveal stuff.




All praise/blame for the name rests on Axel, We had nothing to do with it!



Wooo, so excited about this project! @Axel is that the best dof blur you can do? :trollface:



is that the best dof blur you can do? :trollface:

We need to go deeper!



6/10 for the blur. Would blur again.

… but seriously, is this going to be a platform where we can upload our defold games and works in progress to share with the community? That’s one of the things that i most often think defold would benefit from!



6/10 for the blur. Would blur again.

Added some extra blur (Hey, it’s Friday!)

… but seriously, is this going to be a platform where we can upload our defold games and works in progress to share with the community? That’s one of the things that i most often think defold would benefit from!

Short answer: Yep!



Had a really interesting user test of Sticky Iron with @AGulev yesterday, and I thought… Why not make a teaser out of it?

Oh, and I’m still looking for more testers, so if you feel like you want to know more and have ~60 minutes to spare this week (preferably between ~10 AM–5PM, GMT, but I’m flexible)—slide into the DM’s and I’ll tell you more!

(Footnote: Teaser Friday on Sticky Iron will most likely not happen happen every week, and when I say “Friday”, I mean “Possibly Friday, but could be any other day too”)



@Agulev is very fast. probably. probably it was because he was so deep there =). and defold time is slower =))…

Actually I’m interesting to test this platform as well. I just store my source code on personal github account and hasn’t tried defold 2.0 if it’s not an issue. i’ll be happy to participate.



Just want to confirm that this is not an issue at all. Neither is extensive Defold experience a requirement – the more diverse the test group is, the better.



@Axel, I’ll try it out.



I tried out sticky iron today and it was great. I’m looking forward to the release!



I did not pay him to say this – promise!

…but it’s Friday, woo! I thought I’d show you a feature which is really cool, and could be quite useful:

What it does is that it lets you publish your assets with a ‘cloneable’ option, allowing people to make local copies of your project—all in the spirit of learning/knowledge-sharing.

And finally, a reassuring message from Sticky Iron’s kick-ass developer @Erik_Honn:

(Context: We’re relying on the Discourse API for all the community dev logs, and this is an excerpt from one of our test threads)



Tried Sticky Iron a couple of days ago, really like the look of this platform, will allow Defold to walk among the elite. :slight_smile:



Thanks! You too were great, Test subject #3.



Long time, no see! Had to budget more time than anticipated on the Defold competition, but Sticky Iron is progressing well behind the scenes. I know that most of you are thinking “It looks incredibly incredibly nice and all, but how will it work on my smartphone?”. The answer is “Fairly well”!

stickyiron-mobile_PA02.m4v (5.5 MB)



Great stuff, just to let you know that the embedded .mov videos are not playing in latest Opera browser and I have quicktime player installed on windows 8.1. Chrome is ok.



Wonderful; thanks for the information Mike!

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This is exciting! Defold seems like it’s well on the way to becoming an excellent engine for beginners as well as seasoned developers!



Hi everyone. Exciting stuff—we’re live! :champagne: :confetti_ball: :raised_hands: :tada:

So we’ve spent the last few months building a solid and great platform which allows you to publish and showcase your games and assets in an easy and great-looking manner. And we’ve now reached the point where the platform is up to par—performance, security and feature-wise—with what you guys deserve.

Over at, you’ll find the Games section and the Asset portal—where the magic happens. They are places where everyone can create a showcase page—whether what you are creating is a game, a tool for Defold, an extension, a library, asset packs, or whatever you want to share with the Defold community. Try it out! Create a page for that game you’re making, break shit, start a dev log, add your assets.

"Cool! Are you guys finished now?"
Far from it! What we are done with is the MVP—the Minimum Viable Product—and is essentially just our first release. What’s in our roadmap from now on is better Github integration, the ability to Clone projects directly from the Asset portal, better forum integration, better Dashboard, tighter connection with Editor 2, better discoverability features—and much more.

Finally, all my thanks to everyone who’ve participated in user testing, giving feedback, trying out the community sections, and especially @samuel.nystedt, @mikael.lothman and @Erik_Honn who are the ones who’ve actually built this thing. Big up!



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