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yaaaaaas! Amazing!!


Cool! One more thing. It would be nice to have different favicons here on forum and on defold website and on community pages. If one has a lot of opened tabs (forum topics, documentation, community pages), it’s hard to navigate. :slight_smile:


Just want to set some expectations—while early design work for this stuff does exist, don’t expect profile pages/etc. shipped like… tomorrow. Me and @samuel.nystedt (we, together with @mikael.lothman on backend are the small team developing this) just had our planning session for the two upcoming weeks—and the next feature planned is better filtering/discovery features in the Games section and Asset portal.

That said—I’m always happy to share design teasers and snippets. Early feedback’s never a bad thing.


its not possible to edit a dev log post right now.
(dont know if you know this issue already)


That was news! We’ll get on it—thanks a lot for reporting :raised_hands:


By the way, here’s today’s fun bug. Happy Friday!

dev log bug2


oh nice! You guys love homework? :smiley:

…and… 6 microwaves of cause in the Background.
Seems you guys are VERY hungry :wink:

So my game #FoodRescue is still the right one for you kidding :smiley:



Centre - it right?


I’m currently getting the 404 screen when I click ADD YOUR GAME button.


Tested, and same, it also is 404ing from the dashboard page.


Ping @Axel and @samuel.nystedt!


Sorry about that, should be working now.


When i upload a new version of my html, i cant see the changes with the firefox-browser. I already cleared my cookies from the defold page but that did not help. I can see the changes if i use a other browser. Any suggestions how i can fix that?

(beside that, its not possible to use listings in devlog)


Hey! It’s a known issue, and we’ll get to it when we get to it – sorry about the inconvenience.

The listing bug was new – it’s a small fix, so we’ll get right on it. I’ll let you know when it’s taken care of.


Issue is fixed!


Thank you for fixing things that fast!

If you edit a dev log post, add listing and press onto save, you get the message: “This comment triggered our spam protection. Please edit it.”. Seems to be a display bug, because the edited post is saved.

(tell me if i get on nerves or should do something different…)


Don’t worry – grateful for everything reported :slight_smile:

I’m seeing some unusual behaviour as well, although I couldn’t manage to reproduce the bug you’re talking about. I just get general error messages… We’ll look into it!


By the way – this is sometimes related to the Discourse (forum) setup, where messages can’t be super-short.


I reproduced it again :slight_smile:


Hey all! We don’t do traditional bi-weekly releases like the engine team, but we do work in two-week sprints—so I thought I’d start the habit of letting you know what we’ve been up to the last two weeks.

Sticky Iron release notes (Sep 18–29)

In large, we are still in the process of fixing stuff since the initial release—meaning no major features this time.

Upcoming features:


  • Fixed a bug where names were not displayed correctly.
  • Overall changes to all pages on, unifying hero areas and menus throughout the page, as well as logged in status.
  • Fixed a bug where everyone appeared to be @Sicher.
  • Fixed a bug where lists did not work in dev logs
  • Increased character count on overview texts to 15k characters (previously 10k characters)
  • Fixed a bug where comments and dev logs couldn’t be edited.

Apart from this, we spent quite some time building exciting non-Sticky Iron-related stuff which will be released shortly. Stay tuned!