Bring Me Cakes. Red Riding Hood Puzzle


Simple: It is a good game!

And congratulations!


Bring it to Steam now?


Thank you for Steam plugin, we have Steam version in our plans!


Game on sale - only $0.99 =)
And yes, we are featured again.


I’ve already played it through! (sad face)
Great game though! You have not played it should buy it!

King using Defold help?


We’ve remembered about BmC (thanks @Mathias_Westerdahl ) and now it’s free (no payments, no ads, only one optional the Daily Challenge subscription $2/month - 1 month usually enough to finish them all) on iOS - enjoy!

I’ll try to find time to make the same version (ads-free with one optional subscription) to Android.

UPD: free and no-ads version released on Android too, enjoy!


Fantastic news, and a nice gesture to the community! :raised_hands: Just noticed the domain, is down, in case you didn’t know.


we decided not to renew it.


can you please upload the html5 version to potatojam then? We selfishly need nice html5 demos of the engine :wink: