Bring Me Cakes. Red Riding Hood Puzzle


Hey there!
We are developing classical puzzler for mobile platforms and web. You are playing for a Little Red Riding Hood who is walking to her lovely granny, carrying cakes for her. Granny in turn is waiting for you all the gameplay time. So don’t be slow!

We hope that it will be a funny, cute and challenging game. At least nobody can look at our characters and animation without smile :slight_smile:

Gameplay is similar to Pudding Monsters, but of course much better :slight_smile:
Killer feature is a one finger control - one swipe pulls all heroes to the same direction (as in 2048). Everybody knows how important it is to make as more handy control as possible. We think that one finger control is the best solution for mobile. Sometimes it’s very difficult to move all characters simultaneously… and it’s cool!

Platforms: iOS, Android, html5
Price: f2p
Status: beta-version

Facebook :


Defold Community page:

Our team:

  • gamedesigner/artist;
  • programmer;
  • 2d animator.


Nice! I love the graphics!


Absolutely looking forward to this one! Great stuff :slight_smile:


A few more words about our game

At this moment we have 3 worlds with 25 levels each: a forest, a cave and an ice land.

Every world has its own mechanics and characters. At this moment we have an 8 characters and every character has 4-8 animations.
For example a wolf from forest with one of idle and chewing animations:

Now we are working on polishing the first world and I will show new screenshots next time.

Defold is greate tool for our game, but we hope that you will add some more functionality that we need for a game release:


Thank you for the update! I really look forward to trying this game! @Oleg_The_Evangelist and @Sara, let’s make sure to check up on the Apple TV and extension system support next week.


Yeah! I think Apple TV is implemented just hasn’t been released. As we have someone ready to release the game on the Apple TV, well, it is a good reason to just ship it =]


Polishing! Polishing! Polishing!

Polishing of first world almost done.
We added few interactive elements.
For example


and other small things.

Now we working on polishing second world and bug fixing of mechanics third world.

Funny story of last days:
We made first test flight build, and recive interesting feedback from one of our testers: “Hey! Why game loads too fast? I have no time to see launch picture!” :nerd:


Brilliant! It looks really nice!


Yes, great job!! Love the moving sun rays.


Maybe lighten the tiles so they pop more away from the border values?


Thanks for your advice. I will show Alexander (our artist/game-designer).
We tried many variants, and staying with a current.


Maybe you have some news about apple TV? @Sara ?


I replaced all workarounds with timer for spine animations (for random animation start) with spine.play_anim - and things like this make me happy :slight_smile::joy:
Previous time it was with replacing workarounds with spine in gui =)
Next time, I hope, It will be with particles in GUI =)


Few new animations:

Our crazy bear

he breakes an old rotten tree

Gnome and crystals in the cave



Lovely graphics! Could you tell us a bit more about the gameplay? I assume you’re playing Red Riding Hood and you need to collect and bring cakes to your grandma? Do you have a video of some game play?


@britzl This video made with old game build.


It looks great! Thanks for sharing!


I think it really looks awesome. Great mobile scope, excellent production.



Looking good!


Last few weeks was hard. We made many small things, it’s looks like “do nothing” but in fact it’s much works.

At first, we integrated sounds and music for a 2 worlds and menu.
For example our game track for the first world:
(sound design and music made by Alexander Ahura )

Next big thing is integrated analytics:

  1. Defold Analytics - it’s was easy ) just put key and thats all.
  2. Facebook Analytics - the same, just put key to settings. And set events in all places.
  3. Google Analytics - using library by @britzl : Google Analytics for Defold (Thank you for this lib and for a so rapid help with my bug fixing - it’s really helps)

Some new things, like option popups, new gift animation, many particles and small effects everywhere etc:

A third world animations and logic, some of them:

IAP - It’s was easy, the api really simple!
But I didn’t make an in-app purchase restore. Still no idea how it should be. Maybe somebody now where I can see example?

I tried to integrate ads using def ADs, but I could not make it’s works properly.
But today I talking with Nick from Giftgaming, and will try to integrate it one more time.