Bring Me Cakes. Red Riding Hood Puzzle


BTW, How long do you estimate that a player has to play before you earn more from ads than from the unlock to remove ads? (I guess the question is if I should buy to unlock or keep watching ads in terms of money in your pocket?)


it is almost unreal that Ad perform better than any payment.
But you do not have to buy something just because this is game on defold =)) it is strange )

Thank you that install game, and I will gratefull if you leave a good review.


Premium games on mobile are really, really hard sells. Even with Apple featuring. Hope your success is big and you pivot to what works well if necessary! I also downloaded Android, testing features out, and watched first ad. Only issue I noticed was some lagging when banner ads loaded but I guess that’s to be expected.

Also hope you make more games with Defold too with your pro knowledge and skills!


I first thought the game would be much more classic, but it was better than I expected!

However, the French translation is very, very, very poor. There is a huge mistake on one of the screenshots on the store page, and numerous others in the game. For instance, the grandma once says “double canins”, which means “double canine” in English. I had to switch to English to understand it was “double hugs”, which should be “double câlins” in French. The writing in French is not great either, so I stayed in English.

That’s a pity, because it make the game look very unprofessional, especially if the other languages are translated in the same manner.

I just want to point this issue and I don’t wan’t do be mean, so I hope you won’t take it badly. It’s OK for a translation not to be perfect, but when its meaning is just nonsense, it’s quite useless, so I find it important.


Would be a good idea to the text localization files on github and ask people on twitter etc. to contribute fixes.


Yes, you right. Premium games is not an easy to sell. And maybe it was a mistake to do it. Anyway I will make a post with conclusion/post mortem on the forum later.

Yes, we already think about a next game that we will make using Defold. I really like this engine. This is one more theme for the big post to the forum with conlusions “16 month with Defold”.
Yes, ad lags - it’s ok. It’s not ok of course but I have no methods to controlling ad loading - and it’s ok =)))

Thank you for the advice, I’ll think how to share google table and how and where to ask people to help.

Sorry for that and thank you for the report, we will fix it.
It’s not an easy to check translations when you have no native speakers friends with this language.
Now I think how to share table with translations. Would be great if you have time to read some part and leave comments (of course if you have time for it) Thank you!


Hi, this is our localization file

Would be great if you can read language where you are a native speaker and leave comments if you find an error. Thanks.


Now Telegram users can install our sticker pack by link:


Yeah, for the translations, I understand it’s difficult to check them, and costly if you want a professional translator.

I’ll try to look at them when I’ll have time.


Hi, is the file still current. I checked the French and found some things that should be changed (e.g. the translation for the Mine world is translated as mine in the sense that which is mine). And if I find weird stuff I should comment that translation right?

Btw love the game and the stickers!



Yes, this document still sctual. I rechecked all tabs.

Thank you!


Great game!

I stumbled across what I presume is a bug on the Mine lvl 16, where I could force three goblins into the same space!
Also, this had the fun quirk that they started moving inversely to what the player does: player moves left, the goblins move right and so on…
They can also move through walls!

However, I kind of like it! That they form a mega goblin with three heads that has other behaviours than before! :slight_smile:

All 3 pics a show the three goblins:


Thanks for the report! This is ios or android?


It’s on IOS


It happened again, and now I was able to move the character out of the screen :confused:

It was on Mine lvl 14 (hard), on iOS


I pressed to the Release button a min ago.


Got a game over, and I wasn’t able to press undo, or close the dialog after the time ran out, and afterwards this screen was on top of the game. I could still move). I’m on iOS.


thank you for a report! We will fix it ASAP.


New version was released. Bug fixed.


I don’t know how and why, but
Google Play featured our game in Indie Picks for USA, Russia and Australia!!! :rofl: