Bring Me Cakes. Red Riding Hood Puzzle


Current our plans is 15th of August


Congratulations! Awesome to finally see the game released! Best of luck to you! (I’ll buy the Android version!)


Thank you!!!


Awesome. Here’s your first bug report. :slight_smile:

Reached this state and no input is working.

Restarted and it works, but the “helping hand” is not there. Probably some issue with that.


It is hard tutor. If user can’t finish this level long time - we locked input and offer (force and show to hint by finger) to use hint.
If you did not understand it, i think we should to remake…


Yes, but I could not click anything, including granny.


ou, strange. thank you. I’ll recheck.


Reinstalled and ran through it again. Now it works. Strange.


I can’t reproduce it too =(


Here’s one I managed to repro: :slight_smile:

When girl is eaten, press restart right before the popup:

There is a narrow window that results in no girl on screen, but you can still play:


yeah, we know it, thank you! :grinning:
But sometimes need to leave some minor bugs otherwise we would never released.

We will fix this bug in the next update.



Our first publications:


Thank you @sicher !
We released version 1.17 where we fixed this two and some other bugs.

Bring me Cakes was featured in 56 countries on the main App Store page! :grin::hugs::tada:


This is a great feat! Congratulations guys!


Absolutely love it—super-impressed by the game and the progress you’ve made over the last months, and the App store feature was incredibly well-deserved :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words!

What is our next steps:

  1. update of ios version on this week (Ukranian localization, small bug fixing);
    1.1 ios trial version? (maybeee…);
  2. now we are working on last improvements of android version. Release on the next week;
  3. Facebook gameroom? (depend of supporting this platform by Defold);

We are also thinking about : Amazon, html5 version, PC/Mac version, maybe something else.

P.S> Kakor! )


Congrats on the release, the features and an awesome game!


Steam too? You only need to pay $100 submission fee now and you can get your game on there. They will pay back the $100 once your game has made $1000. If you want to do this you should get started soon because it takes 30 days to wait before the game can go live and you need to setup a coming soon page which must be up for 14 days before you can publish. We’ll need to do more defos updates and steamworks sdk work too.


And Google Play release!


Yes! Installed! Played a couple of levels and watching the first video ad now. Well done!