Bring Me Cakes. Red Riding Hood Puzzle


Our first trailer.
(I can share only like a link. Insert a video didn’t work =( )


Very nice!!!


Music is lame :evergreen_tree: :wolf::evergreen_tree:


Good trailer :heart_eyes: , music is not reletive to game process … need change.


Last update in topic was a 2 month ago - the reason is because we are working on new version of the game.

We made many changes and I’ll try to tell about some of them later on this week.

First of all we are fully migrated to Editor2!
It still has many issues, and we add few new issues to a bug tracker almost every day… But it works, and we like it!

Last week we didn’t run editor1 at all!

We are looking forward for editor2 will be released. Thank you for your work!:+1:

P.S. Our updated trailler (almost the same, but with changes in UI):

(and link to youtube if embed doesn’t work)


Few words about our progress of last three month.

We finished “one move back” hint:

Daily challenge - for now it’s more than 60 extra levels.

Every chapter has an alternative path (simple and hard level path).
In total it’s 140 levels for main story.
And if counted with daily levels it is more than 200 unique levels.

and many-many other changes and improvements:

  • video ADS integration with “fake ads system” for non-mobile builds;
  • new gift system;
  • many new monetization places;
  • interface changes;
  • a classic in-app shop was replaced with new one;
  • new popup after death with (first gif);
  • new balance of economics;
  • new popup of chapter unlock;
  • a lot of bug fixing;
  • and other…


Holy smoke! Looking good! When do you estimate that you will release Bring Me Cakes?


I hope in a month, but I am not sure.


any sound publisher to help you?


We still working on it )


@Axel already found Behance profile of our animator with animations demo =)
It is avaliable here:


Our game is part of Spine showcase :laughing::heart_eyes_cat::upside_down:


Nice one, well deserved! :raised_hands:


Release soon, and now we are working on integration of many-many different things.
Latest and the most intersting:

  1. We added history into game, It looks like a messenger with granny:
    and like a dialogue system with a characters:

  2. The build with lanscape for non mobile platforms (Facebook Gameroom and other PC/Mac platforms) almost done:

  3. Translations:

And other technical things that hard to demonstrate (for example, a special collection for testing translation. It’s contain all scrrens and popups with texts, and I can flipping throught it by keys on keyboard and change languages, of cource)


whooaaah, it is huge. Ship it!

Also, what did you use for the dialogs/messages part?


I am not sure that I understand you, it’s just a GUi component, that play pre saved dialogues.
We thinked a long time how to make story in our game and this story dessicion about progressive granny who use phone and messenger - was a great idea - because it’s funny and not hard to implement.


iOS release planned on 1st August as Premium application for $3

We have only one task left with stickers (exept this, build ready for submit), still hope that somebody can help us.


Awesome! I’m definitely buying.


We are LIVE on the App Store :

I will really appreciate it if you leave good review on the iTunes page.
Thank you!!!


Cool congrats on the release! Any ETA on an android release?