Any up-to-date tutorials without extension downloads


Hi, I’m planning to get into Defold (I have to finish a project in Gamemaker), but I can’t find fairly recent video tutorial aimed at beginners without downloading extensions. I mean where everything is written before your eyes with some brief explanations.
I have some basic C++, html, php knowledge that helped to get into Gamemaker and it felt natural. I have no experience with other languages.
I found only tutorial series from Gamesfromscratch but it’s from 2016, but that’s out-of-date.



Well, actually there is one extension that is useful for Gamemaker’s users - DefKit

But if you want to start from scratch without downloading extensions I could recommend you the Frog Tutorial and also many other tutorials on Defold’s Getting Started site:

It’s always where any newcomers should start :smiley: and with any problem (except of course searching already answered questions on the forum) always ask here, because there are Defold’s team members and a very helpful community :wink:



We have quite a few videos on our YouTube Channel but they don’t really cover the hands on experience of using Defold. I will sync with @Oleg_The_Evangelist and well record some really basic tutorials, similar to the things we have on the Examples page.



Thanks, @pawel.jarosz21 and @britzl, for nice replies!
I found the frog tutorial but I was hesitant to get into it since it’s almost 4 years old. Maybe I’ll give it a watch to get at least familiar with the use of language.

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pinkie promise on the basic tutorials, @britzl :wink:

@NeZvers while we’re on it, can you think of 10 minute video episodes you’d like to watch?
Like some practical solutions to your immediate problems?


  • How to make a menu button?
  • How to make a basic touch input?
  • How to make camera follow my character?

Because it is very-very hard for us to understand what are the “basic tutorials”, because we know how to use Defold and we don’t feel anymore what are the struggles to walk the first mile with Defold. Soooo please tell us what to do =]



@Oleg_The_Evangelist, amazing to hear that!
Some ideas from top of my head:
-Top down shooter mock-up (input/ move player/ spawn bullet/ destroy spawned enemy);
-State machine for changing animation;
-Dynamic/ addaptive scaling for pixel perfect resolution (think pixel art - camera/ viewport/ game window) and follow player
GUI - HP / points / time; I heard you have something like GUI template system.

-*Platformer basic movement physics (acceleration/ jump/ collide with wall).
I heard you have box2d but what other collision detection options there are?
Like I have done in gamemaker - collision grid (2D array or alternative data structure) containing index (int symbolizing block or slope).

-*Moving platform / jump through (usable for multiple player game).
I haven’t delt with box2d much so I don’t have a clue how that would be achievable.

Seeing that there are lack of tutorials then I need to get into Defold and I might start my tutorials - porting my knowledge from Gamemaker.



Thanks @NeZvers for your time. We’ve discussed this now with @britzl. Hope to show something in two weeks or so.



That’s amazing! I’m already subscribed for few weeks and I can’t wait when I’ll get time to dive in.
I’m really stoked at community here! I really don’t get why Defold isn’t way more popular.