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The Status bar on my Samsung Galaxy A10 is just behind my front camera. After enabling Immersive mode in my project settings I get a black bar. That is the area of Status bar. Is there a way to set it to full screen.

I see that Playrix do it with their games where it is completely full screen.




Ok, so the area containing the notch and the status bar goes black?

What if you don’t enable immersive mode? What happens then?

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If immersive mode is not enabled then it still shows the black bar where the notification bar is and the navigation bar at the bottom.

With Immersive mode enabled still the black notification bar but no navigation bar.



I see that notch support was added in the AndroidManifest.xml in Defold Release 1.2.160 but it still does not detect it on my Samsung Galaxy A10.



Are you sure you don’t use “Hide front camera” option on your phone?



The “Hide front camera” is disabled but still there is a black bar when I open the game. Like I said when I play other games it goes fullscreen with no black bar and around the notch.



I investigated this question a bit and I afraid we don’t have this functionality in the engine right now. But this issue might be solved by creating of native extension or connecting style.xml file to the app.

More info here:

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How would I go about extending the AndroidManifest’s style.xml? Where is this file located?

Should I create new directory in my project like: /res/values/styles.xml and then in my game project set Include Bundle Resources to /res?