Is it possible to do fullscreen on devices like the Nexus 9? (DEF-1129) (SOLVED)


Fair enough - I was just pointing out that the fact that this backlog item has been outstanding for months and that you guys decide whats important and what is not means that it is impossible for serious development teams to choose Defold. It’s a promising engine but it lacks too many features that are needed for commercial use. The other big missing feature being any form of monetisation feature.



There is IAP for monetization right now. IAP can be effective. Here is a strategy: 1. Make a game that would have a good chance at being popular 2. Make a game that would probably do a good job at making money based on IAP. Promote the second game within the first game. I know devs who do this with their network of free apps which get lots of downloads promoting apps which make more money from IAP.

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ok so its been a few more months since this was last asked but can Defold now create full screen immersive mode apps on Android yet? As stated in the past this was deemed a simple fix by the team but was also deemed low priority - which was a real shame. Has any progress been made?



Not sure. @sven and @jakob.pogulis, was this issue discussed in your latest backlog meeting?



Just chiming in to say our team is also keen on seeing this feature, the bar creates strange aspect ratios and makes the (already fragmented) world of android support even more difficult to navigate.



What is the status of DEF-1673. Is it already possible to get immersive mode activated?



Any word on this @sven ? I’d love to be able to have this before I submit to the Defold contest.

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Sorry no, it hasn’t been bumped in prioritisation as of yet. If I recall correctly, the feature needs some changes to the engine and also some minor design on how to expose the feature for the end user. Currently we are focusing a lot on native extensions.

I’m guessing this is of course a nice feature to have, but not something that would block a release. Regarding the contest, I think the judges will not pay much attention to the game not having fullscreen support (since the engine does not support it). :slight_smile: I’ll forward the thread and request to @Sara so she can have a look at the priority though. :thumbsup:

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App is translucent (SOLVED)
Resolution mismatch

I want to add my support for this bug’s priority being raised. That black bar makes your game look amateur and takes away from the overall feel. I would definitely hesitate to release my game without getting rid of it. However, I understand there are many other priorities.



Could people who care about the immersive mode on Android please provide some input:

Is it enough to have a checkbox in game.project to toggle immersive mode when bundling or would you also like to be able to switch between immersive mode and “normal” mode while the app is running?

I’m leaning towards that it is enough that it is a build time setting and nothing that (at least in the first version) has to be changeable run-time.



I need only checkbox, I believe :slight_smile:

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Only a checkbox is fine. I can’t recall any game which switches between both modes.

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It is worth considering how the player would exit the game without any access to the navigation bar. Perhaps someone could check how blossom blast (for example) works? My phone is sadly out of action at the moment.

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A checkbox works for me



Yes! a checkbox definitely works

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Blossom Blast is created with Defold and thus has no immersive mode. But if you take a look at a game with immersive mode you simply swipe from the bottom of the screen to bring up the navbar temporarily.



Checkbox does the trick when as an expected behaviour navbar can be accessed with the swipe from the bottom of the screen. No need to change the setting on runtime.



Immersive (DEF-1129) mode has been added in Defold 1.2.97


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