Admob and Firebase Analytics extensions


Hi all,

I’m successfully using @sergey.lerg admob extension in Blocks Unlock

Now I want to add Firebase Analytics extension to understand how users are interacting with the game.

Ie: how many levels and words are played, how many moves they used to complete … etc …

The problem by adding both extension is that are using different versions of same dependency:


Firebase Analytics :

Android Support v4 library versions are different (26 and 27)

Fixup in Admob Extension gps-ads seems to be conflicting with gps-measurement in Firebase Analytics Extension.

I’m getting errors while bundling:

There are specific version of these extensions can coexists?

Having both Admob and Firebase Analytics is a cornerstone, they are fully integrated in firebase console!


Firebase error

Try using admob dependencies and only add

for firebase.

Should work I guess.

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I have just tried, but it does not compile.

I just added 




It’s com-google-android-gms-play-services-measurement-api-16.5.0.jar inside my is conflicting with firebase.
If you extract that zip, remove that jar and add the rest into your project (you can just copy), it should work.



I’ve fixed and copied into local IIS to serve as extension.

Now project is bundled, but crashes at runtime :woozy_face:



Argh! What a mess. The missing class is contained in that deleted JAR file.
I don’t know what is the correct way of resolving this. You can go further and repack that JAR file, deleting only the duplicate classes and leaving the rest, but that’s insane.

Maybe you can use facebook extension for analytics? It’s working fine. Either the one by Defold or mine



Facebook Analytics could be an alternative.
But I hope not so far to use Admob with Firebase together :slight_smile: