3d support for defold

hello i just want to know how to make my own3d rendering the last time I tried to make a 3d game it was hard so I want to make my own I didn’t really understand how to make a 3d camera from scratch so any hint

Maybe check these out.

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i used scene 3d to create a game i want to try to create my own because scene3d is limited

If you want to create your own then there’s nothing I can link to really. You need to get started and ask questions when you have something specific you are stuck on.


What are you missing from scene3d that you want to do manually?


First thing, when it comes to cameras is to understand how different matrices are working - for converting certain spaces, view, projection, etc. I hope it’s explained well in my video on Rendering here.

Then this manual on Camera. Camera itself is very simple and its purpose is only to provide certain matrix to convert from world space to view space - this way you can change what you looking at and how much of the world you see (FOV).

Then I would at first replicate what is other assets, like mentioned Scene3D and Operator - and when I would be able to thoughtfully replicate it I believe I would be able to extend it to whatever I want. I do such with Platypus, Gooey or many other extensions :slight_smile:

I’m not so into 3D, so let us know what are the limitations you are meeting?


there is some limitation like custome skybox and I didn’t figure out how to make the camera follow the player smoothly rendering omni light and spot light and also adding normal map texture because in the last time I tried making a horror game I failed because of the lack of documentation for the plugin so I want to make my own to know everything about it


Look at operator for camera movement and illumination for projector lighting, it might help. Any questions, all-covering documentation :+1:.

Illumination may not be very optimized, but try it if you don’t have very complex lighting, or look at it as an example to figure it out how to make a projector light.


Plus I still heavily recommend https://learnopengl.com/ for learning basic abstracts of how things are done when it comes to rendering, camera, coordinates, shaders and lighting. I believe Defold is capable of great 3D, but because of its focus on 2D and Web and mobile games, most of the features that are out of the box in other engines are not yet implemented here - but thanks to this, parodixcally, it is in alignment with what you want - full control over it :wink: The path is just a little bit longer, but learning all this will be fruitful for you regardless of what tools you will be using in the future :blush:

Smooth camera movement - if you use camera component attached to game object - make it a separate object, not a player object - then animate / linearly interpolate (search lerp) it to follow player after. I do it like this even for 2D games.

Skybox - is cubemap component in Defold not what you think about?

Normal maps - again, I do it for 2D, but I did it basing on Learn OpenGL explanation on Forward Lighting (Basic Lighting), here’s the process using which I plan to convert into video tutorial soon :wink: