1024 x 1024 icon asset missing for iOS (SOLVED)

Hello Defolders,

I tried to update my game in the AppStore and I got this message:

  • A 1024 x 1024 pixel app icon for your app must be added to the asset catalog in Xcode.

Any idea on how I can solve this?



There are some great tips here:

I believe the icon must be included in de ipa file since yo cannot longer upload the icon in Appstore Connect. They say you can do it there, but there is no button to do so.

How can I do this in Defold?

We should add support for 1024 icons in game.project. We can do this in the next release.

That would be awesome!

Thanks @britzl :smiley:

Looking forward it.

Hi @britzl

I just downloaded the release from a day a go and couldn’t find where to place the 1024x1024 icon.

I assume it wasn’t added to the last release. Do you think it will be added in the next one?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked into this yet. I was referring to the next stable release, 1.2.171.

But I must ask, I thought this was a new requirement and I was unable find anything in any Apple release notes. When do you see this message? When you upload the .ipa using iTunes Connect?

Hi @britzl

This is weird. On Thursday I sent a new build to Appstore Connect via Apple’s Transporter. Everything went smoothly, but when I submitted it for review, the platform said I needed the 1024x1024 icon and it didn’t allow me to submit my game for review. Since I couldn’t find a solution I started this thread in the forum.

Now that I wanted to take a screenshot of it so you can see the message from Apple, when I submitted for review the same build I uploaded on Thursday, it got submitted for review. I don’t know what is going on on Apple’s end. Not sure if they changed their mind on this restriction.

The thing is that my game update is now submitted. I’ll stay vigilant and if it happens again, I let you know. I’m sorry for all the trouble.

Thanks as always @britzl!


Defold 1.2.171 has been released. But I can’t find a place for 1024 icon, any news?

Judging by the reply above I would have thought the 1024 icon requirement was a mistake. Are you required to provide a 1024 icon @rsolovjov?

Tried it in different ways, but can not be sent to the review due to the same error.

This is really strange. The Apple guidelines say that the 512 and 1024 icons are “Optional but recommended”:


Could you share (zip file to bjorn@defold.se) the icons you are using for your project and your game.project file?

Is anyone else having problems with a missing 1024 icon? @dapetcu21? @Stanislav_Isakov? @denis.dyukorev?

Yes, I sent the archive

Hold on. The guidelines for application icons (https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/qa/qa1686/_index.html) says “Do not include” for the 512 and 1024 icons for apps distributed via the App Store.

And this StackOverflow question confirms this and also states that “Artwork for the iOS App Store instead has to be submitted via Apple’s iTunes Connect web site, separately from the app.”

Have you submitted the 512 and 1024 icons using the iTunes Connect website?

Maybe this answer is too old, it’s 2014. Now I can’t find a way for submitting the 512 and 1024 icons via the appstoreconnect.apple.com website.

And a half year ago I sent another application made on Defold, that time everything was fine.

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I don’t remember ever using 1024 images in the actual app bundle, only on iTunes Connect.

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That is probably right. I’ll continue investigating and test a bit with a sample application.

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This happened to me as well @rsolovjov

Even though I had already submitted the 1024 icon via Appstore connect.

Funny story the next day I tried to submitted the app it didn’t required me to submit the 1024 icon again. That why we closed this thread. I suggest you try tomorrow and in a different browser just incase. I have had issues submitting apps via Safari believe it or not. And they disappear when I tried in Chrome or Firefox.

Hope this helps.

There is definitely something strange going on and I’m not sure who’s fault it is. It is easy enough for us to add 512 and 1024 icons to game.project and include those with the correct names, but the guidelines specifically say that hey shouldn’t be included.