Hello everyone! About half a year ago I stumbled upon defold as I was looking for an engine to try out a concept I had in mind. Armed with threadbare programming knowledge and zero experience in gamedev (It is here that I discovered basic concepts such as atlases) I needed a platform that can take good care of noobs, and was fortunate to find that here. Many thanks to the team at defold, and everyone in the community for all the tips I found in the forum. Special thanks to @britzl for providing several useful extensions :slight_smile:
So, here goes Zeitnot, a simple tile - matching puzzle game based on time manipulation:



Good job! :slight_smile:
A bit of a brain mangler for sure, hehe.


Nice work!

One thing though, for the Android build, it seems you use a custom (old) AndroidManifest.xml?
In particular, the app crashed on our device, referencing an old (hidden) internal feature called adtruth.
We’ve recently removed it.

You can simply remove that from your manifest:


Thanks. Will work on that. I used the custom manifest provided by @sergey.lerg admob extension


I removed the offending lines and made a new build. Is it stable?


Let’s ask @Johan_Beck-Noren who found the issue on his device!


Working now!


:+1:Thanks for the feedback.