X86 32/64 bit engine for android


Please, there are lots of tablets and device phones with x86 cpu nowadays. I have a tablet pc with dual os ( windows 10 / android 5) and it would be perfect to use it for game testing
Thanks in advance


We do have support for windows and android on major hardware. If android on x86 becomes a substantial platform we’ll evaluate if we should target it. We regularly asses new target platforms.


Have you tried running windows builds on your tablet?


Thank you and sorry for the late answer… I have not tested the engine on the windows side… I’ll try later
It would be possible to use an unsupported runtime just for testing? :pray: :wink:
I tried blossom blast saga and it works good ( just a bit of audio stuttering and the audio not working the first time i launched the game, but could be a problem on my side) on my tablet PC .