Working Spine IK sample? (SOLVED)


I remember a long time ago testing Spine IK and getting it to work but now when I try it’s not working for me and I can’t find a sample/example. Anyone have one that works they could share?



@BunBunBun @splashshadow I think you both have worked with IK before?

What I’m trying to do is make a jiggly web based on a target GO.

Here’s a sample project that is not working yet (241.5 KB)



It seems like transform ik works. (246.3 KB)

Also with the web I tried animating the IK bone directly and it did work with animating the mesh. Maybe this doesn’t work with live IK though? I’m going to keep doing tests.



Mesh does work. I think I understand what I initially did wrong… more testing then I’ll make notes.



Hi @Pkeod just looked your demo “WebSpineJiggleIK”, I couldn’t find the reason too.

attached our example with using updating the position of IK: (851.5 KB)

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Here is the project closer to working. Unfortunately it looks like the “stretch” bone option for IK constraints is not working?


Here is current version of the project, as you can see, it works in engine as if the Stretch option wasn’t checked. So this must be a feature not implemented yet, what this should be doing it allowing bone2 to stretch to reach the point of the constrain_point IK constraint. (247.0 KB)

This is the mostly working setup. Important bits are that the IK bones are not what is modifying the mesh.

So here it’s the static and center bones which are weighted to the mesh

This is with stretch

Without, and what it also looks like in engine. You can see it’s lacking the upper range it needs for the effect to be right.

Might not be a dead end with the effect… going to try one more thing.



Success! So the solution is to kind of robot arm the IK bones so that they have all the length they need to get full range of movement. :slight_smile:

Here’s the working project with the spine project for learning if other people someday need a similar effect. (247.0 KB)