Why a new editor?



I am curious to know why editor 2 was implemented without Eclipse. I was googling for an announcement or forum thread but I cannot find it.

Is there an article that lists the reasons for the transition?

I am not a Defold user, I develop a game editor based in Eclipse and it would be great to know the reasons you decided to move outside it.

Thanks in advance


You can find a thread about this here and a small article about why they chose Clojure here.


@amel Thanks for your quick replay.

Well, those articles are not what I expected. All points they decided to use Clojure, but it is not clear to me why it cannot be used with Eclipse, that runs in a JVM. I was looking for something like “our users want a prettier UI, Eclipse is ugly”. Or “Eclipse does not allow to do X”.


In short, the eclipse framework became a too big of a hurdle when it came to implementing new features and also when maintaining the tool. Upgrading it was also really painful, and we were stuck on a really old version.
It became a very large and unstable project, and a big time sink for us, so we started looking for new ideas.


It has more sense and is a warning to me, that I want to keep my product on Eclipse.

Thanks @Mathias_Westerdahl