Wheel rotation with function go.animate

Is it possible to turn the wheel (using go.animate(“wheel”, “euler.z” … ) e.g.

10 times so that:
9 times it rotates 360 degrees and
the last rotation only 130 degrees.

The whole process using e.g. “go.EASING_OUTEXPO” ?

You want to do two separate animations in sequence using a single easing function?
I’m not sure that’s possible. You could cobble something together using linear easing or maybe an IN and then an OUT function but not a single OUT function.

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No, I want to make one animation, for example, of the type IN. But I want the wheel to turn X times by 360 degrees and once at the very end only by Y degrees

I see. Something like this might help. You’ll need to insert numbers in place of [time]

go.animate(".", "euler.z", go.PLAYBACK_ONCE_FORWARD, -(9*360), go.EASING_OUTEXPO, [time], 0,
	function() go.animate(".", "euler.z", go.PLAYBACK_ONCE_FORWARD, -130, go.EASING_OUTEXPO, [time]) end)

Shame I didn’t come across it myself :confused: Thanks a lot.

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