What's A Good/Appropriate Screenname?

This is more of a general game development question, not Defold related, so if this isn’t the place I understand!

I’m a rising senior in college with one of my majors in Computer Science. I’m working at a startup right now in the Computer Science field. Ideally after I graduate I’d like to work in the video game sector but I’m open to other fields.
I was reviewing my Github name and thinking about whether I should change it, as well as other accounts related to game design.
I’ve been told that having projects prospective employers can look at is important, especially on places like Github.
The issue I’m running into is conflicting advice and experience. Advice I’ve gotten from my professors says to make your name something simple and related to your name, like asmith (if your name was Andrew Smith). But when I think about all my favorite developers and the screen names they are known by, it’s sillier names. ConcernedApe being the example that comes to mind.
As I’m working on games and I like to run social media (discord servers & other social media accounts). I have concerns about using my name in public discords and social media accounts tied to games if they get attention. The internet can be a dangerous place sometimes.

I think some simple rules when it comes to name should still apply - Don’t set your name to something you know is offensive!
Is having a silly name okay, or a possible turn off to regular jobs in the future? Is using a “normal” name a safer/better option?

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

Use the name you like! This will have no impact in your search for a future work, in my opinion.

Good work with Defold!


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IMHO, it depends on how anti-professional your alias is. ConcernedApe is professional enough. xXxDANKGAMERZz42069xXx is less professional. I know several game/software creators by their aliases first.