What takes the most time developing your games?

Hi! I want to create some libraries to gain experience, and I’d like to create something that actually is of use for people. So if you have something which you are avoiding doing because it takes too much time or is too cumbersome, then tell me about it, and I’ll attempt to create something to deal with that!

I’d also like to get some experience with project management and responding to customers requirements, so if you have the time I’d really like to make it like a proper order where you give requirements and feedback. This basically goes for any development, if you have something that you want created (and is within somewhat reasonable scope) then throw me a message!

Our Asset Portal has grown to contain a lot of useful extensions and other reusable modules and components, but I’m sure there are still things that are missing or can be improved!

One interesting challenge which I haven’t seen anyone tackle is an easy to use way of syncing game objects over the network (for use in multiplayer games). Pretty complicated and there’s probably not a one size fits all solution for this problem…

Another thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is to use the scene graph inspection API (part of the cpp SDK) to create a live scene graph view as an overlay using the DearImGUI extension. An example of the API when used to dump the scene graph can be seen in the Poco extension


Thanks for the ideas! I’ll start with gameobject syncing, and then I might dive into figuring out cpp. Again, thanks!

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Programming what, more exactly?