What is vmath.vector() or vector3

I read the api reference but it doesn’t explain what is a vmath.vector(). I saw this code in examples but I didn’t get the idea.

It is used to create a vector/array of arbitrary length, it could be a single value or it could be one hundred. You can use this kind of vector in go.animate() to describe a custom easing curve, similar to the predefined ones.

Thank you :blush: I understood now. I saw in a movement script. It was something like position.x + vmath.vector and I am confused about it. I got the usage of animations but usage like above still I didn’t get

If it was in a movement script it was very likely a normal vector3 that was used. A vector3 is a type consisting of an x, y and z component to describe something in three dimensions, like a position or movement.