What is "compcount_go"?

I get this error message when trying to export to macOS or HTML5:

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 5.54.34 pm

What does this mean? I can’t find any information on this online.

Check your project. You should have a file with that name i think. Not sure of its purpose.

It’s a “temp” file we use to count the number of components needed for a game objects/collections.
It’s automatically generated at build time.

Perhaps @agulev knows more about this failing scenario though.

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It is strange. This file should be created automatically during the building process.
Please try to close the editor, remove build folder and run the project again.

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Same error. I can make an issue on GitHub if you like, but I can’t share a repro case without sharing the entire project.

If you’re comfortable with it you can either share the project with us in a DM, or invite us to your github project.

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Oh, didn’t know that! :see_no_evil:

This happening because of a broken ref. to mario.go from one of unused collections.

I explained details in PM.