What does this mean? :((((

java.io.filenotfoundexception: /var/folders/bg …(no such file or directory)

I get this when I try to do anything on my code and won’t let me close Defold which makes me unable to shut my laptop off. When I click dismiss the error comes up again. My code was fine yesterday what happened?
I can’t do anything on the code.
The only thing that changed what I downloaded a new software on my computer (qustodio a parental controls thing)
I’m not sure if that would have made the difference)
Please help I need to hand this code into school for my NEA

This is my first time coding so pls forgive any silly terms I don’t really know much :frowning:

which extensions are you using for your project? it could be one of them changed

I’m sorry I wouldn’t know how to check

But now the Defold app isn’t even opening???

Could it potentially block your programs?
Perhaps you need to white list Defold in that program?

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I convinced my mum it was the problem so she removed it and now it works fine :slight_smile: thanks

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