Webp and optimization

Hi, I’ve finished the webgame and it’s a bit over the limits, it’s time for the magic stage - optimizing the game. I like to do nothing and just click different buttons in programs and see how everything changes, it seems that without any effort I suddenly did something useful. I got to the manuals on the defold, very carefully read about texture profiles, tried to build with different ones and suddenly it turned out that sometimes nothing changes. Then I poked around on the forum and found out that webp is now replaced by other formats.

I understand what you have done and why, but the question is, is it worth keeping it? Has something else disappeared from the formats section, like TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGB_PVRTC2BPPV1 still exists?
After a short and very productive help from @AGulev I understood how everything works and that it specifically only uses the 2 options on the left and the two on the right, but could you tell me why the other options are needed at all? Some usecases, maybe examples in games, I really want to learn the science of optimization, but I’m afraid I just can’t without your efforts.

I think all the unsupported constants should be removed from the list to make it easier for users (even if it’s a breaking change, so we can release 1.7.0)

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great! Thanks a lot. Also really interesting to understand who uses all this ones