WARNING:GAMESYS: Failed to set group gain (-13) (SOLVED)



I’ve been away from Defold engine for some time.
I loaded my old project into current Defold, but get the following warning when running:
WARNING:GAMESYS: Failed to set group gain (-13)

I don’t remember this warning from the last time I used Defold.
Any ideas on how to fix above warning?
(I am on Linux if that makes any difference)




Sound gain should be between 0 and 1
Pls, read the documentation: https://www.defold.com/ref/sound/#sound.set_group_gain:group-gain
Somewhere in your code you have:

sound.set_group_gain("your_group_name", num)


Ok, I found the problem, thanks!

I started a new project from an old project and deleted all the music.
The set_group_gain was for the missing “music group”…