War battles tutorial (missing information) (SOLVED)


I am working through the War battles tutorial to get a first glance at Defold and I just think there is something missing:

The rocket.go needs to have the Z coordinate set to something above 0. This information is given for the player but not for the rocket.go which results in frustration when there should spawn rockets but nothing happens on screen.


The rockets are spawned by the factory and unless they are given a position when created they will get the same position as the game object that the factory component is attached to. In the case of this tutorial the factory component is on the player game object which means that the rockets should have the same values as the player. Is this not the case?


I would have thought so as well but still I couldnt see any rockets spawned. Only after changing the blueprints Z value I could see them. I wouldnt bet that I didnt miss something somewhere but thats just what I encountered


When you set the z-value for the player did you change it on the sprite or the entire game object?


yep thats the problem. I misread it in the tutorial. Thanks