War Battles tutorial - map.tilesource not importing to main.collection (SOLVED)


I am trying to add a component file to the main.collection’s map game object. When i click Add Component File, it looks like this:

It does not have an area where I can select the Component file from the file tree. I do not know if this is a bug, but I want to try this game engine out.

Edit 1: I tried to close and reopen the editor, but that doesn’t seem to work



This is not a bug. A Tile source is not a component you can add to a game object. What you need is a Tile map, but you need to create a Tile source before you can add a Tile map.

Have you read the first steps of the War Battles tutorial?

Tile source manual
Tile map manual

List of component types

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Thank you so much! Apparently I skipped over that part in the README.

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