Want to join a group project

I new here and would like to join a group. Its more fun when you create a game as a team.


Indeed, and welcome to the forums! Tell us a little about yourself – are you a developer, artist, something else? Any previous games you want to share? :slight_smile:


I program a PAC man game years ago, it was getting too complicated. Then I decided I was going to get back too game development, however this time I decide just find a game engine to save myself a lot of time and effort, and only program when necessary. I found defold as a result. After creating a few a games I hope to go into marketing and hopefully profiting from these game apps.

I can make graphics for 8-bit and 16-bit games!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I lead an indie game development company starting on our first project and we are looking for developers to join us. We are building a match 3 mobile game with a compelling story, designed to reach at least 10k players.
If you are interested please email me at: divine.gaming.inc.1111@gmail.com

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I like the idea of learning from project developing, I’ve developed Flash and HTML5 games for more than 10 years. Looking into LUA and Defold now.
What really draws me to Defold is their clean aspect or the WYSIWYG tooling and compared to unity this feels less cluttered and more thought put into the engine with regards to memory management.

Html5-wise I’m tired of text editor only powered engined s.a. Phaser3 or pixi, having to recompile multiple times just to get that position inside a scaled container, yada yada… Defold hot reloads that s@#$t in! Just look at my latest html5 project if you will here:

Now, imagine having to have put that all toghether with Dragonbones for the skeletal anims, Phaser3 animations and Animate for spritesheets… When I went through my first Defold tutorial I realised how MUCH FASTER things get done in Defold.

Few reasons for me yearning to get my hands dirty with a REAL life sized project.

#1 Object pooling? Defold mem stack doens’t need it, it’s automatic, no need, end of story… no mem leaks, period!
#2 Animations: in phaser i had to do my own stuff along with copy pasting stuff from their examples, in Defold: “what is code? just use the editor”.
#3 Sprite sheets. I had to use external tools (animate). In Defold: we do it for you, relax it’s free!
#4 Skeletal animations: DragonBones is buggy in html5… can’t even switch scenes without breaking the whole “plugin”. In Defold, export from DragonBones into Spine Format, do u need Spine license? NO, just export in that format and we take care of it.
#5 Tweak position of an object… hours later in code with HTML5 text frameworks are saved by Defold WYSIWYG. On the fair side any editor do it fairly well.
#6 Sounds … woof, I love working with sprite sheets and have my channels closely controlled but let’s face it, at the end of the day you’re less tired with just using the editor and if you really need sound manager I’m sure one can be made with Defold too.
#7 Integration with 3rd party APIs… Defols looks really promissing, it’s what King uses after all.

The only thing that bothers me is the world being so drawn into Unity, every job out there is Unity, just because they rush everything in and end up breaking and we all know how much late dev bugs hurt us devs. 90% dones projects brought to a halt because memory is garbage… ahem garbage collected every 10s because of a fancy UI w/e. You can probably read my frustration, the world needs more Defold.

Really hope my experience will come as a time and life saver for others. Right now it’s a good time for me to join a team for learning purposes. And I really hope Defold will catch up so we can make a living too!


Welcome to our community then, @ChrisP! :wink:

Thank you so much for your insights about Defold!

I organised spontaneously a Game Jam for making a game or any asset with Defold
If you would like to, it’s a great opportunity to join!