Various gamepad issuse


I have encountered various issues with gamepad implementation as follows:

  • Left dpad does not repond (Xbox / PS4 gamepads on Windows and HTML5 builds)
  • Deadzone sometimes missing (Xbox gamepad on Windows build - HTML5 build is fine. PS4 gamepad on HTML5 missing deadzone)

Are these known issues?

Should I be manually implementing a deadzone in my own code?

The documentation states only the Xbox controller is supported in Windows - is this still the case?



@dapetcu21 was working on gamepad setups / testing I believe?

@AGulev might know about the left dpad issue.

A manual / user customizable deadzone is probably a good idea.



From my testing, XInput gamepads worked without issue on Windows. I know there were issues on macOS with wireless DS4 and wireless xbox one. Also, should probably retest now that Catalina includes drivers for these gamepads.