UWP support/for XBox?


Hello, I know defold is still new to the whole console support thing, and to be honest, I got interested in defold because of the new Nintendo Switch support. Anyways, I’m not gonna ask about ps4 support because I know they are probably working on it, I want to ask for support for exporting to UWP, because pretty much any other decent game engine (including one that are completely free) support it, and it is one of the ways to export to XBox. I can wait, I won’t be releasing any games untill next year, but I would like for it to become a feature untill then as well as ps4. And if it’s not possible, then I’ll try to accept the reality lol.
Thanks for this amazing engine

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Actually not :slight_smile: We’re not exploring more consoles at the moment. We want to collect learnings and feedback from the Nintendo Switch platform before we decide to look into more console support.

Again, it is not something we are actively exploring, but I’d love to partner with Microsoft on this in the future!

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