Using editor scripts to create collections

Hi there,
I’ve been looking for a some time information about possibilities of editor scripts. I looked through forum and documentation. As far as I understood, there is no possibilities to create custom editor windows, i can create some menu buttons in editor. Am i correct?
I read documentation but from what is see possibility of editor scripts is quite small. I am wondering is there a way to load and parse json file and create list of collections somewhere in project folders using editor scripts? Or maybe in runtime at least?

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It is limited, no UI. What I prefer to do is to run command line tools through editor scripts.
Here is a good example of parsing a JSON using Go language and you can create a Defold collection just fine, it’s just a text file.

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Looks like it will work for me. So i need to create custom extension that will encapsulate editor script with sh script that runs go script with needed logic? Is there a simpler way?

You can try using pure Lua if that works.

Can i create collection like in runtime using factory? Or creating it as text file is the only one way?

There is collectionfactory component in Defold if that what you mean.

Thanks for help