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Hey Everyone,

One feature that I think would be very useful for the would be a way to create a drop down menu or a pop-up menu that has limited user defined options.

This could be similar to how the“name”, resource.texture()) works or how selecting a default animation for a sprite works.

The main reason I would like this is to have greater control over what myself or other team can select for a This would allow me to skip a data authentication step that comes with putting in a number or hash value. It would prevent less run time errors for values that don’t exist or that fail the authentication step d to one letter being off. It would allow for me to build dynamic levels quicker and increase my efficiency with modifying game objects on the fly.

If that didn’t make sense, let me know and I can try to explain it differently or create concept images.

Is this feature something that is possible?

Thank you!




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+1 !

Also requested here: Enum Script Properties

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While we do agree that some kind of dropdown with a predefined set of values would be useful it is currently not on our immediate roadmap.